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We are not the largest residential real estate broker team in the Colorado market but we believe we are exceptional in our marketing strategy and the value we offer our clients.  We have tried to define these reasons for choosing our services in this area of our website.  It all starts with our belief that your property and your client needs are unique.  The strategy for your property needs to be analyzed and treated with individuality. Our approach as a consultant needs to be catered to your expertise and expectations.  Here are some of the marketing tools we use.


If you are reading this document then you may have already accessed one of our many exceptional marketing tools. In today’s world it is critical that your property receives virtual exposure not just locally but nationally and internationally. Our website gives you as a seller, broker, buyer, or investor the capacity to work in a paperless environment. You have quick access to view, print, or relay information and quality photos to a third party.

Why is this so important to you as a seller?

  • Brochures, pictures, plats, maps, floor plans, surveys, aerials, school information, community information, county record, active MLS listing, and directions are all easily added to your property profile. We will also add links to the county website and the city website for out of town viewers. We strive to give a complete pre-purchase property package for the buyer.
  • With investment real estate values on both coasts at historical highs and yields at all time lows we are daily receiving inquiries from investors in other regions of the country looking for alternative investment markets.  Metro Denver is receiving a lot of interest.  You need our easy access and visibility for your property to non-local buyers/investors.

  • Our website is also an interactive communication tool. Anyone with questions about your property or interest can simply submit their question or other inquiry virtually.  We receive an immediate notification and can offer a quick response.

  • Gone is the frustration of faded or out of focus black and white faxes.

Networking and Our Team:
  • A niche focus and time in the market make us the leading real estate consultant to both buyers and sellers.  A team average of 20 years of real estate experience; CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) (Individual), Owner of Re/Max Affiliates and other professional designations; over 34 years total; and, a long standing RE/MAX affiliation makes our team second to none in providing you with exposure to our network and acting as your skilled advisor and advocate.
  • Communication is our forte.  The top two priorities for our team are:
    1. Quick response to potential buyers and their advisors.

    2. Providing our client sellers with regular updates and progress reports


Included in our service to sellers we will place a “For Sale” sign on the subject property with our name, phone number and website address. 

Sign Riders:

Sign riders are a good way to emphasize what’s unique about your property and attract more attention to your drive-by viewers.

Brochure Box on the "For Sale" Sign :

Instant information to a potential buyer is essential.  We are committed to maintaining on site brochures to enhance immediate access to information regarding your property.

Marketing Data Bases:

We enter our Residential listings into SEVEN different databases for maximum exposure.  These local, national and international databases are key in getting your property maximum exposure; MLS (Metrolist Inc.), RE/,,,, Zillow, and Craigslist.

Custom Color Brochures:

We present each property with a quality color brochure.  These brochures are used for signage brochure boxes, our website, and also for networking and marketing meetings.  The brochure will have colored photos of the subject, aerial photos, and salient facts and any other information typically needed for initial interest of the property.

Property Description Book:

All of the information we’ve provided on the website will be out the buyer’s fingertips on the kitchen countertop next to the inside brochures.  This is handy if buyer’s have information they don’t remember. Everything is available to them there on the spot.

Open Houses:

It’s all a game of numbers. The more people that see your home the more likely it’s going to sell.  Open houses may attract potential buyers but they do attract interested parties that will also tell potential buyers.


Most of our business is done through referral. We have a reputation for generous sharing of fees for the referral of clients. Our focus on client referrals helps keep your property at the top of everyone’s list and expands the probability of a quick sale for your property.  It is the reason we are known as an industry-networking leader and the first team for a broker or investor to call when searching for a hard to find property or an exceptional investment.

Marketing Meetings:

Your property will be presented at several networking events we personally attend.  These meetings will vary depending on the location of your property.

Newspaper/Magazine Advertising:

In some instances it is more advantageous to advertise in your local newspaper or real estate magazine.  This would be determined on a need basis depending on the property and amount of time it’s been on the market and/or urgency to sell.


Sending out a postcard to target markets with your property information can be productive.  Usually the best target market is your own neighborhood.  It’s likely there is someone in your neighborhood that likes the area and doesn’t want to leave it but would like to move into a larger home.

Fleet Sheets:

There is a company called fleet sheets that sends out our personally designed brochures to other brokers.  You can select certain market areas or send to all of the brokers in the Denver Metro and surrounding Areas.

In Closing:

If you are a buyer, investor, or agent we appreciate you taking a look at the properties we are currently representing for our clients and the tools we can offer you in your search.  If you are an interested seller and potential client we hope you better understand the value we bring in helping you get maximum exposure and top dollar in selling.  We thank you for visiting our website. If you see something of interest please don’t hesitate to contact us right now using your median of choice.

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